Well, these horrendous fires are still not letting up and I'm sure everyone has helped out already but this is not over yet. So we're raising money for Wildlife Victoria who is in desperate need of some help. So much of our wildlife has fallen to this disaster so we've put together a cheeky little shirt to raise some money.


Purchase one of these T-shirts and raz the fat-cat uptop and raise some money to try help the animals his dirty nose has hurt.


Our artist Poon Goat has helped with the amazing artwork of our fearful leader suckin' back a schnoz of good clean coal,

The legends over at Print 'n' Wear in Currumbin are slapping the print to cloth on AS colour paper T-shirts in a hurry, 

and Eddie's Grubhouse providing the platform to get it out there and on your backs.


We're selling for $50 including postage Australia wide with all profits going to the Wildlife Victoria. We'll be taking pre-orders until Friday the 17th of January, with the shirts delivered to you by the end of the month.


This isn't just business as normal, our Island home is being boiled alive like we've never experienced before so please if you have a bit of spare coin, help some fuzzie little homies out and stick it to that sock puppet Scomo.


Poon Goat - @poongoat

Print n Wear - www.printnwear.com.au - @printnwear_

Eddie's Grub House - www.eddiesgrubhouse.com - @eddiesgrubhouse




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